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Health insurance is so important to our health and personal lives, our nations healthcare providers, even our economy. Responsible adults try to make sure they are never without one of the approved American health insurance plans.

With the advent of Obamacare and the health insurance marketplace, affordable health insurance is within reach of many lower-income adults who qualify for health insurance subsidies. Pre-existing conditions have also ceased to be a problem for American health insurance shoppers. Some fortunate workers enjoy cheap health insurance plans provided by their employers.

The remainder of the population scurries about each fall gathering health insurance quotes from all the health insurance companies that provide coverage in their state and geographic area. They look hard to find low-cost health insurance that meets the standards required to avoid the mandatory penalty for not having health insurance. The open enrollment health insurance window closes quickly for American health insurance plans, so its essential for health insurance shoppers to act decisively.

Citizens who find themselves without health insurance and want to avoid exposure to a catastrophic loss, may find the answer in short-term health insurance, an option provided by numerous American health insurance plans. While catastrophic health insurance plans typically do not allow the insured to avoid paying the penalty for no health insurance, they do provide protection against the financial disaster that is always looming during a period without health insurance.

Theres no question about it; lots of us have to work hard to buy health insurance! Let us help you find the best health insurance for you and your family. If you are the administrator of a group health insurance plan, we can guide you, too. We are the experts in American Health Insurance Plans.

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AARP Health Insurance
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Information on Insurance Plans for your Area.

In 2003, the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) entered into a merger with the American Association of Health Plans which resulted in the formation of a group named Americas Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Working as a trade association group for insurance businesses and associates, and as a political advocacy group, the AHIP has operated within an assembly of organizations dedicated to healthcare.

Focused on simplifying the often overly complicated and expensive administrative processes of the industry, as well as protecting members of the group, the AHIP both advocates for universal coverage and opposes government-based solutions to the issue, as it do sweeping economical damage to its members and other businesses.

With 1,300 participating companies providing health care support and coverage for more than two million participants, the AHIPs coverage includes medical insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, long term insurance, and supplemental insurance, as well as support for employers who need to insure employees, and purchasers from the general public. The organizations goal is to make sure that members who provide health care insurance have a political voice through active lobbying efforts, which included a budget of $7,000,000 spent in the year of 2006 to raise awareness of issues effecting its members.

AHIP follows news and reports on legislation, communicates with law makers and officials, and informs members on how best to navigate changes that may be occurring due to changes in law and policy. One example includes the offering of virtual seminars for a fee, with the aim of helping businesses to learn more about new laws and how best to comply with them. Group sponsorship also covers surveys on issues of health care reform, conventions, and published information for member businesses and consumers alike.

Health insurance consumers can benefit from AHIPs wide array of information available online, including information on health insurance changes, downloadable guides that can illustrate the different varieties of insurance available, tutorials on short-term insurance, and important details on disability insurance. These guides can be educational for both individuals in the public and employers who may want to know more about their options.

AHIP Advocacy: Reforms in Action

In the past, the AHIP has advocated for many different reforms to the health care system that can benefit both members and the general public, which include:

- Proposals to guarantee universal coverage with language that includes pre-existing conditions and a 30% reduction in the costs of health care. - A reduction in the cost of healthcare spending by as much as $145 billion USD by the year of 2015. - A proposal to provide all Americans with coverage that was created to address the issue of the 40 million Americans that are uninsured in the country. Methods of providing coverage include an expansion of public programs, and the allowance of users to obtain coverage through the use of pre-tax funds.

Research for these proposals, and many others, are supported by data taken from the AHIP Center for Policy and Research. In 2009, the AHIP performed a study on the topic of small group insurance which was supported by information from 761,000 different small groups and businesses, which have employees of 50 or less. This data also included the 5 million workers under these policies, and their 3.9 million dependents. With information on premiums, the scope of benefits, the plans available, and co-pays, this study proved invaluable in determining the best course of action for health care as a whole moving forward, particularly when it comes to small businesses.

Other studies performed by the AHIP include an examination of the care of patients with diabetes, the effectiveness of Medicare and Medigap coverage, and a review of Health Savings Account users, all of which is available to the public through the website for parties that may be interested in learning more. This information is made available with the sole purpose of creating an informed base of employers, employees, and individuals that are effected by health care and insurance.

Plans that Participate in AHIP

The list of plans that participate in AHIP are too numerous to list here, but some of the more noteworthy participants include the following names:

- Aetna
- Aflac - Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Humana
- State Farm
- United HealthCare

The purpose of the AHIP is to provide advocacy for these and many other groups, as well as individuals that may want information on insurance, legislation that could effect insurance rates or availability, and more. A more well informed individual is the best person to search for insurance for themselves, or for their small business.

Members of the AHIP can provide you with rate quotes through the tool available on this page at no charge, and with no sponsorship from any one insurance agency. This quick information tool can provide you with quotes on the different rates, benefits, and premiums that are available in your area, all listed side-by-side for easy comparison. Enter your zip code below to get started.

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